English Paper 1

So far, so good. As of 12:20PM today, Leaving Cert students are finished English Paper 1 – I’m sure you’re all glad to be at least halfway to your dream grade in English!

What did everyone think of the paper? Well, when I first got it, I have to say I thought it was a really good paper. The general theme ofMemorywas nice, and the three texts were good. I particularly liked Text 1 and 2. I thought Text 3’s Question A was a little bit wishy-washy. But getting a letter in the Question B of Text 1 was fantastic! And the Mary Robinson speech was definitely a personal highlight (come on, whodoesn’tlove Mary Robinson!)

The essay titles were, in my opinion, quite good too. I went for the old reliable short story – which I actually enjoyed writing. I chose topic 3… “An inferior rock band howling for fame…” From what I heard from other people, most people did option 7. “Write a short story in which a young character is eager to leave home.” I thought the essay titles were very do-able, and I was even tempted (briefly) to write the persuasive speech about the importance of literature.

Despite my own wonderful opinions, a lot of people are saying that the paper was quite tough. According to the Irish Independent, an English teahcer said it “would have stretched them”. The persuasive article, which was the Question B of Text 3, seems to have been an issue for quite a few pupils.

What did you think of the paper? Easy? Difficult? Couldn’t care less? Leave a comment and give me your opinion!