1 Week to go…

I feel sick. Well, sickness would be an understatement for quite how I’m feeling right now. You know that feeling – it’s a feeling almost exclusive to exam results. It comes when you remember that it’s drawing near, and you get this feeling in your stomach that feels like burning. And then the occasional lightheadedness and tears… But there’s not much we can do at this point. The Leaving Cert results are rapidly cantering towards us. And we’re as well just to be prepared.

On the other hand, while it may be terrifyingly close, we should also bear in mind that this will be a relief. For what feels like the first time in ages, we can realise that the Leaving Cert is totally and utterly behind us. I know we have the exams finished, but to me it still feels like it’s hanging over my head, like an ominous bucket of paint. It’s always going to be looming until the results are over and done with.

And so for that reason, I’m looking forward to Wednesday the 15th of August. Because once I have that slip of paper in my hands, I can sigh. I can say either I’m proud of myself or This has gone horribly wrong. At least then I’ll know how I did.

I know exactly how many of you are feeling right now. So for this last week, all the advice I can offer you is this: Relax. Take a deep breath. Listen to some relaxing music, go on a walk, and remember there’s nothing that can be changed about it now.

I suppose I’m lucky that I’m going on holidays to Waterford tomorrow morning, and hopefully it’ll allow me to take my mind off it.

So to you all, hang in there, it’ll be over before you know it!


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