Exam Blips

Now that the Leaving Cert is over, I’m sure we can all look back on the massive, thundering blunders we made and smile. Well, maybe you can’t just yet, but soon I’m sure…

It’s incredible really how when people are under pressure, their humorous side seems to come right on out. Some of these I found particularly funny. Amongst these exam blunders, many have now become famous. My particular favourite is the student who circled x in response to being asked to find x.

So (providing it’s not too raw) I’d like to hear some of your personal exam blunders. Did you do them by accident, and only realise after leaving the exam hall, or did you have a semi-mental breakdown during the exam, laugh to yourself and say “Ah, what the heck. Taking the piss sounds like fun”.

My own experience of an exam blunder was in Junior Cert actually. I had always hated science, and had little interest in the area. After a night of cramming, I sat the Higher Level paper. I was asked to show how some substance could be made through a diagram – and not having a clue at all what it was, I laughed silently to myself as I drew a person holding up a can with the substance written on it. I still got a C. God knows how…

So give me your own stories in the comments. After all, we need a laugh in this nasty in-between period.


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