“Summer?!?!” I hear you ask. Yes, to us Leaving Cert survivors, it’s something we never thought we would see again. Through the exam period, it certainly felt like we had died and the Leaving Cert was our eternal punishment. But no, apparently not. By now, the vast majority of students are finished, with the last few exams wrapping up tomorrow. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t on our side (curse you cool temperate oceanic climate!) but there are many things you can do with your time off until the fateful day of the 15th of August.

  1. Have anxiety dreams: Well this one isn’t very fun. And nightmares might be a better term. Since I finished my exams a week ago, I’ve dreamed many things: That the exams were actually just the mocks and I still had to do the Leaving, that I got a B1 in English (a horror story that I fear may come true), and that I forgot to go in for the Maths Paper 2. If you too are having anxiety dreams… Then I wish you a long and fulfilled summer full of torture.
  2. Get a job: OK, easier said than done… Well maybe it’s almost impossible. But if you don’t try to get a job, one thing’s for sure: you won’t get one. So get out and about and give it a go. It’ll be handy to have some spare cash if you’re starting college this coming year.
  3. Jigsaws! Have you seen the weather? Have you heard of sterotypes? Well doing jigsaws is a complete stereotype, but an enjoyable one at that. Go on, give it a go. It’ll be a bit of craic!
  4. Monopoly! Even better! There’s nothing like keeping the old brain ticking over with financial crap… OK, I’m not providing a convincing argument. Let’s move on.
  5. Watch TV: I bet you haven’t done this properly in a while. Now it’s time to catch up on Eastenders, Coronation Street, iCarly, Bear in the Big Blue House and the Teletubbies! Well – I don’t know what you’re into, but I’m sure you can’t wait to catch up on your favourite shows.
  6. Think A LOT about the Leaving Cert: It’s not something you want to do, it’s just something that’s going to happen. You’ll probably find yourself randomely saying aloud “I wonder what I got in Irish…” etc. occasionally. I’d love to say “forget about it for the summer!” but in my experience, that’s much easier said than done.

Other than all of these utterly useless points, please enjoy the next few months. To those of you who finish tomorrow, good luck with your remaining exams. Now seems like a good time to use the old Irish reliable phrase: You’ll be grand. I always love saying that. It requires no justification and it’s totally empty and meaningless. Good day, students.



2 comments on “Summer?!?!

  1. The end of the Leaving Cert turned out to be quite the anti-climax, for me at least. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I have absolutely nothing to do for the next three weeks so I decided to occupy myself with the least likely summer activity: writing a novella. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at creative writing properly but I’ve never really had the commitment. I wrote the opening paragraph.. and stopped. Decided I want to read a few books before I try writing a mini-novel myself. I borrowed ‘This Side of Paradise’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald from the library and bought a gloriously cheap brand new copy of the ‘Ulysses’ from that amazing bookshop on Westmoreland Street. I guess that will keep me occupied. Proper, clichéd, Leaving Cert ‘summer’ can wait. It’s raining out anyway.

    • I find that the summer is the time to catch up on doing things that most of the time you just couldn’t find the time to do. You should definitely give the novella a go, and it’s great that you’ve bought Ulysses. I bought Ulysses sometime last year, I got 60 pages into it before abandoning it. It really is a very difficult book, but I’m sure that if you like a nice challenge you’ll enjoy it!

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