Irish Paper 2

Today was the lovely and elusive Irish Paper 2, an exam that has also been a little bit daunting because it marks the beginning of a new exam paper.

Overall,  I think the ordinary level paper was quite a fair and nice paper. There were two comprehensions on Evanne Ní Chuilinn and Dáithí Ó hEithir. Luckily for us, they were worth 50 marks each, taking up quite a large portion of the marks of the exam. They were also quite straight forward to answer.

Then came the infamous prós and filiocht – Pros and stories – that we’ve all been dreading. The Pros that came up was Hurlamaboc and Oisin i dTír na nÓg – to non leaving cert students, yes, that is the story that you heard about ten thousand times as a child. I think the questions on Hurlamaboc were challenging, and you would have had to have a good knowledge of the story to be able to answer some of them.The question on Oisin of Tir na nOg was also difficult, and you would have had to had a good standard of Irish for it.

The poetry examined was Geibheann by Caitlin Maude and An Tearrach Thiar by Mairtin O’Direain. I personally found the questions on these quite challenging. We were asked for images, feelings, and whether or not we liked the poem. But if you had a good knowledge of both of these poems (which I didn’t have) then you would have been fine.

I haven’t heard anything about the Higher Level paper yet (they were still doing the exam when I finished) so I’d love to hear from some of you. How did it go for everyone? Are there any poor unfortunates out there who have biology too today? If there are tell us about how it went in the comments.

Good luck everyone, and remember – we’re nearly done now. 🙂


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