Maths Paper 2 and Irish Paper 1

Today was the day that people have been waiting for ever since the bizarre term Project Maths was uttered in the classroom back in fifth year. It always seemed like something elusive and strange, like it didn’t really exist.

The exam happened this morning from 9:30 to 12:00. How was it, you ask? Well (for ordinary level anyway), I’d say it was quite a nice paper. The questions were generally quite clear, and there was nothing very difficult. Nearly everyone I spoke to said it was way better than they had expected.

I think a large part of this reasoning is that we had all expected the questions to be utterly impossible. But they just weren’t. On another note, I still think I failed. But I don’t care anyway, so that’s beside the point.

Irish was from 2:00 until 3:50 or 4:20 depending on your level. Again, I did the ordinary level paper. And what can I say? Well, it was quite clear cut really. I wrote an email about a holiday to Australia and for the scéal I wrote about breaking my ankle during a match (I know, the hilarity!) The aural was very fair too, I think. The questions weren’t particularly difficult, something that a lot of people had worried about after Leaving Cert aural CDs were played for Junior Cert students last week by accident and contingency papers had to be sent out instead.

So overall, today was a good day, although this probably has a lot to do with the fact that I did ordinary level in both of the subjects. Tell me what you thought of today in the comments. I particularly want to hear opinions on the Higher Level Papers.

Good day students, and happy studying 🙂


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