Geography & Maths Paper 1

Today was a long day for many poor unfortunates as they trudged through the gloomy morning to do Geography and/or Maths Paper 1. No doubt the English paper from yesterday was still weighing on many of your minds – but those thoughts were quickly dispelled when the Geography paper was slapped down on your desk. There’s no room for relaxation when you’ve got the Leaving Cert to worry about.

Overall, I suppose the geography was a fair… paper. A lot of people are calling it fair. Personally, I don’t think it was great. It wasn’t outrageously difficult, but there were certainly some challenging aspects. I felt the questions on Geoecology were quite difficult – at first I was glad to see that that the biome was examined, but it quickly became apparent that the question wasn’t an easy one.

The Regional Geography section was particularly difficult, in my opinion. As this was the area I put the most time into, I expected it to pay off. Unfortunately very little of what I prepared came up.

In conclusion, what can you say about it? It was a Leaving Cert exam. Nobody expected it to be easy. How did you do? Leave a comment and fill me in!

Maths… I took the ordinary paper. Thank God! I felt that it was quite a standard ordinary level paper 1, with not a huge amount of variation from previous years. Some elements were definitely harder than past papers, but some elements were also easier. I think it was a fair paper that gave a lot of room for at least making an attempt. Paper 2 on Monday morning will be the really interesting one, to finally find out what Project Maths is! Despite all of this, I think I failed Paper 1. But you know what? I couldn’t care less!

So how do you think you did today? Are the nerves settling down now that you’re (almost) halfway through?



2 comments on “Geography & Maths Paper 1

  1. Overall I thought LC Ordinary was a decent paper.

    Main surprise was that there was no First Principles – but they always shake it up a bit and that’s why I don’t do predictions as such.

    Arithmetic was easier than usual to be honest.

    Surds part in Algebra would not have suited everyone.

    Vertical motion question was a very slight variation on the norm but not bad.

    Graphing the derivative – could have thrown some people, but you just had to do exactly as they

    The rest, to be honest, was reasonable enough. Now, bring on Monday and Project Maths !!

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