14 Days Left: Leaving School

14 days… I feel sick. Utterly ill. Gross. The stress is mounting like there’s no tomorrow, and the days are whizzing by in a cruel fashion.

But we have other things to worry about, don’t we? For at least a day or two, we can put the Leaving Cert on hold and focus on finishing classes. It’s emotional and bizarre at the same time. Or is it just me who thinks this? How could this have happened? I remember my first day of first year. It never seemed like I would reach the end of it all in such a short space of time. Yet, here we are. Tomorrow is the last day I will spend with my entire year group in school.

I can imagine that a lot of you have mixed feelings. There’s the absolute euphoria to start with. That feeling of… Wow. I’m nearly an adult – practically a grown up. Soon I’ll be going to college, moving on with my life. And then there’s the “I’m not ready for all of this…” that I think most people have a little bit of at this time of year. Leaving school isn’t all fun and games. It means an ending, but also a new beginning. It means the Leaving Cert is officially on the doorstep. In a few months, people across the country will put on a brave face as they walk into a room in a college with nobody they know. And they’ll think back to secondary school, just a few months ago, and wish they were back there.

The whole thing is bizarre really. We all have to make sure we don’t forget about our studying, while also enjoying ourselves with our year group for the last time until the Debs. So everyone…

Have a nice grad mass. Enjoy whatever celebrations your class are doing. Don’t take this time for granted. You’ll always remember it. It’s a bigger deal than you can ever imagine.

And thank your teachers! The good ones, I mean. If you got on with them, just say thanks. It doesn’t hurt, and nobody can call you a teacher’s pet, as your done now anyway. Anyway, it’s time I studied. Good luck folks.


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