15 Days Left: Procrastination

15 days… Yuck. Absolutely yuck. What the hell? Why? And most importantly, how? I blame the Government for this catastrophe! Well, OK, I don’t. But the time is rapidly whittling away, and it’s getting more daunting by the day to face those books. Here are some ways to avoid procrastination:

  1. Hide/Turn Off/Break Your Computer: Alright – maybe avoid the latter. But seriously, you should probably do something with your computer. Ask somebody to hide your laptop charger, or unplug it and ask someone to hide the plug. I’m going to get my sister to hide my laptop charger once I’m done writing this, because… well, the internet is the most distracting thing ever. In fact, if the internet had been invented in Hamlet’s time, he would never have killed Claudius. And I mean never.
  2. Turn off the Television: I know! It’s painful. It is for me too. While it seems so much more appealing to lie on the sofa like a vegetable watching re-runs of Friends all day, you really can’t do that at this time of year. 15 days! Hello! This is a more difficult one to solve, but you should tell your parents or brothers and sisters to simply not allow you to watch it. Let them use violence if they have to.
  3. Throw Your Mobile Phone Out the Window: Do it. Not only is it liberating, it will also rid you of the temptation to quickly check your Facebook, or find out who texted you. You don’thaveto throw it out the window, but you can at least just put it somewhere out of reach, and check it every half an hour.
  4. Turn off Katy Perry/Rihanna: Unfortunately this kind of music isn’t really good at encouraging studying. Especially if it’s on the radio, it’s going to distract you listening to DJ’s rambling about this competition and that celebrity. So I’m afraid… you should turn it off. Try listening to something that’s more like background music, something that doesn’t require a lot of attention.

And at the end of another blog post, I wish you all the best of luck with avoiding procrastination. Now it’s time I studied!



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