Graham Norton’s Mum Said It All

I just read a nice article about Graham Norton making a return visit to his old secondary school, Bandon Grammar School in Cork. While he was there, he recounted his old Leaving Cert nerves. It’s nice to know that even celebrities like him were once in the same boat as us eejits are in now. In the article, it’s revealed that his mother (who sounds like an ingenious woman, I think she should become a guest blogger here!) gave him some great advice:

“Graham you can only do your best. Do it.”

Graham’s mother said it all. That’s all you can do at the end of the day. There will of course be a few people who get about nineteen A1’s – and that’s great for them. They did their best. Everyone’sbestmeans something different.

So you’ve got two weeks left to study. So do your best. Do as much study as you can, and you will surely do your best. Enjoy the studying!


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