16 Days Left: Chillax Yourself!

Those two digits are simultaneously terrifying and disgusting. 16 days? In September it seemed like years – maybe decades – until we would have to sit the Leaving Cert. Despite that, it has descended on us. So here’s a few tips about chillaxing yourselves. Contrary to popular belief, it’s just as imporant to stay relaxed as it is to study incessantly.

  1. Take Regular Breaks: This is very important. If you sit for hours at a time looking at your books, the facts are, at some point, facts are going to stop going in. Take a five minute break every thirty minutes, and every few hours take about twenty minutes. That’s where most of the chillaxing comes in.
  2. Don’t Forget about Your Pastimes: This one’s really important. If you like to read, make sure you read. If you like sports, make sure you play sports, and if you like films, make sure you watch films. It’s very important that you don’t forget about your hobbies. They’re your main way of chillaxing.
  3. Don’t Forget about Your Friends! Your friends are very important for you right now. They’re all going through the same pressure and annoyance’s of exam season. Talk to them about normal things. Go out to the pub every now and again, just make sure that you don’t drink too much or stay out too late, as that would affect your studying!
  4. Chillax With Your Family: Don’t forget about the main people who are supporting you at the moment! If you’ve got older brothers and sisters they’re been through the Leaving Cert, and understand the stress of it. Make sure that you hang out with them every now and again, just watching television or anything else that they do in their spare time. The last thing you need is to find yourself missing out on family life.
  5. Balance: This is the key to the whole thing. At the end of the day, if you have balance, you can remain sane and happy, whilst also learning a lot of things for your exams. Remember that you can’t put life on the shelf  for the Leaving Cert.

So best of luck with maintaining balance! Happy studying. 🙂



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