Project Maths – What do you think?

I’d say if you’re a Leaving Cert student, you’ve heard a lot about Project Maths from your Maths teacher by now, that probably went something like this:

“I hate this Project Maths…”

“This is the Department’s fault now for introducing Project Maths!”

“And so you see students, Project Maths did indeed cause the Holocaust.”

Well OK, maybe your teachers weren’t quite that dramatic, but from what I can gather most teachers don’t like the new course that’s supposed to be more about teaching us practical skills for Maths that we can use in life.

My own opinion is that, while it was all a very nice thought, it wasn’t exactly executed very well, was it? It seems to me that there are a few dreamers in the Department. It’s all good and well to come up with a heap of new things, but they seem to have organised the whole thing really badly. They’ve decided to introduce it in stages so that we still have the old paper 1 and the new paper 2. I can’t see the point in that personally – if they’re going to introduce a new system, just introduce it, and stop making us learn two different courses from two different books. Come on people!

And ultimately, I think all of their lovely dreams behind this new course have failed slightly anyway. They seem to hope that we’ll spend more time playing with dice and playing cards in class than doing questions, which would be the case, if they hadn’t crammed so much into the course so that we barely have time to cover it all anyway.

Another problem is that, a few weeks to the exam, we haven’t really got a clue what to expect. Anything on the entire course could come up, which is certainly making things more difficult for us.

So what do the students think? Leave a comment and tell us your opinion. I mean, I could be biased, seeing as I hate Maths with every ounce of passion in my body. Happy studying, folks. 🙂


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